Steve Tannett has been an major player in the music industry for nearly 4 decades bringing his knowledge, experience and passion to the Marshall label with a view to providing the music industry with a label focused on high quality acts and performers.


With a  career as a musician and then as a Manager and label boss at IRS, Steve’s experience spans from back stage, to on the stage, from making deals, through to signing up amazing acts. Steve’s vision for Marshall Records is to develop and deliver music focusing on quality innovative acts and top class performers.



With a passion for music from his early years, Luke has worked in the music industry for most of his working life, from working at local music venues, with bands and then at Marshall Amplification and Eden Amplification.


His enthusiasm for working with and alongside musicians has allowed him to connect with players, techs and producers both on and off stage. His vision for Marshall Records and its success is rooted firmly in the belief that quality, hard working bands and artists should have the opportunity to inspire and entertain through access to the very best resources.



As Operations Director for Marshall Amplification Barry Moon ensures that all areas of the company’s business operations and processes are structured, efficient and controlled.


Barry has spent the last 2 decades ensuring that Marshall product quality and processes are of the world class level, representative of a market leader. His association with the record label is an extension of this, making sure that everything that happens meets the high standards that are required in todays industry.



David joined Marshall Amplification in 2004 and has been the Finance Manager and then Finance Director for the past 6 years.  His passion for music is represented in his commitment to the success of Marshall Records.


In an age where the industry is looking for fast returns on “sure-thing” acts, David understands that the music of the future can only be realised by nurturing and investing in the talent of today.  David is dedicated to supporting Marshall Records and helping the team invest their efforts in tomorrow’s musicians today.

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